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How I Went From A Struggling Personal Trainer To Multiple Business Owner – Josh Mullin

FBA Podcast - Josh Mullin -35

Many people go through a certain point in their life when they wanted to step up their career and undergo transition. That is exactly what Josh went through, the owner of PT Toolbox & Southend Personal Trainer Academy. At the age, of 15, he was qualified as a gym instructor and two years after he […]

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How To Find Clarity and Get Clear on What You Want From Your Fitness Business – Nicola Buckley

FBA Podcast - Nicola Buckley -34

Core values are what guides life and identifying them may be complex if your heart does not synchronize with your head. Having no set of values weakens one’s identity which leads to the feeling of not being good enough. Someone who can help you unravel the mess and get clearer on your core values is […]

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How To Use Facebook Ads To Sell Fitness and Personal Training – Liam Thompson & Matt Murphy

FBA Podcast - Matt Murphy -33

On this episode of The Fitness Business Authority Podcast Liam and Matt are chatting about Facebook ads for fitness businesses and in particular, how to use them to get more clients and grow your fitness business faster. On today’s episode, we talk about Facebook Marketing applied to fitness business owners. I’ll also share the basics […]

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Profit By Selling The Destination and Not The Journey in Your Fitness Business – Liam Thompson & Matt Murphy

FBA Podcast - Matt Murphy -32

Matt Murphy is not just my business partner in InternetFitPro & Active Fitness Marketing but also a regular guest here in the Fitness Business Authority podcast. Today he is back to share some more tips on how personal trainers and gym owners can sell more and get more people in their classes. On today’s episode, […]

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How To Discover Your Superpower And Thrive As An Online Coach – AJ Mihrzad

FBA Podcast - AJ Mihrzad -31

AJ is an online super coach who helps online fitness businesses scale to 6 figures and beyond. He is based in New York, and He runs two companies: Online Super Coach and Life Fuel Fitness which both serve different services yet identical, valuable purpose. From his humble beginnings as a personal trainer, he transitioned online […]

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Programming for Small Group Personal Training – Georgette Pann

FBA Podcast - Georgette Pann -30

Georgette’s been around for decades in the Bootcamp industry. She’s been teaching boot camps for almost 25-30 years. She used to be a Physical Therapy assistant at Penn State yet left to open up her own boot camp and studio. She was in her 40’s when she competed in her FIRST bodybuilding contest. Not only […]

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Using Podcasts in Your Fitness Business (and other stuff) – Tega Diegbe

FBA Podcast - Tega Diegbe -29

Content Content Content. Content marketing looks like it is going to be the buzzword for 2019. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way for you to create content whilst building up your network without having to stare at the “Blank Screen of Death” would you do it? That was a trick question, and […]

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The Coaching Skills That Can Help Fitpros Get Better Results – Ben Coomber

FBA Podcast - Ben Coomber -28

  Ben Coomber is the host of one of the top podcasts in the UK for Health & Fitness, the Ben Coomber Radio. He started in the fitness industry as a personal trainer resulting from his personal journey, overcoming obesity and health challenges in his younger years. It made him face struggles and gave him […]

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The Zero Funnel Fitness Marketing Plan – Tim Tavender

FBA Podcast - Tim Tavender -27

  A personal trainer and marketing consultant, Tim Tavender is THE guy you go to if you want to take or grow your fitness business by opening or scaling your own private gym. He manages My PT Gym which helps struggling personal trainers worldwide with how to get the best clients. Needless to say, Tim’s […]

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Dealing With Mental Health Issues in the Fitness Industry – Emily-Rose Alice Knowles

FBA Podcast - Emily-Rose Alice Knowles -26

With a lot of experience in the fitness industry, Emily has worked with entrepreneurs helping them work through their mindset and limiting beliefs around the voice in their head. Having worked different careers, she wound up working with entrepreneurs almost accidentally. This is a good episode to listen to if you are struggling with “The […]

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