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How To Overdeliver and Keep Members For Longer With UK Personal Trainer of the Year – Sam George

FBA Podcast - Sam George -25

The owner and head coach of the rolling Sam George Fitness (SGF) in East London, Sam is also UK’s Lift The Bar Personal Trainer of the Year. And if those achievements were not enough, he is also a nutritionist whose core values of being passionate and understanding the needs of his clients allows him to […]

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The Future of The Fitness Industry – Thomas Plummer

FBA Podcast - Thomas Plumer -The Future of The Fitness Industry

Thomas Plummer is literally a legend within the fitness industry. He has been in the field for a long time helping people build better businesses. For most of his career, he has been the go to guy to people aspiring to be a pro in the fitness business and making a decent living from their […]

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The Ultimate Sales Strategy For Fitness Pros – Martin Wales

FBA Podcast - Martin Wales -23

Martin is a sales marketing specialist. He is the owner of The Customer Catcher, a company that helps entrepreneurs catch unlimited qualified prospects, by creating cash pulling copy, irresistible offers, Relentless Revenue generators and satisfied clients paying premium prices. On today’s episode, Martin shares the ultimate sales marketing strategy he uses to get results for […]

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How Fitness Businesses Can Automate Their Marketing And Attract More Clients – Rob Sayles

FBA Podcast - Rob Sayles - 22

Rob Sayles is a marketing consultant and an agency owner. A veritable dinosaur in the digital marketing world, having been in the industry since 1996, he has witnessed a lot of changes, and seen A LOT of tactics and strategies come and go. In his agency, he aims to help business owners raise brand awareness […]

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How To Transition To Being an Online Personal Trainer – Sukh Sidhu

FBA Podcast - Sukh Sidhu -21

Sukh Sudhi owns and runs a company called Online Fitness Business. They help personal trainers market, sell, and deliver their services online. Majority of his students are somewhere along in the transitional path from full-time trainers in person to getting a few online clients. Most of his students are using online training to earn a […]

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Marketing a Fitness Business from Scratch – Matt Murphy

FBA Podcast - Marketing a fitness business from scratch -20

Matt is becoming a regular feature on the podcast, and rightly so because we are partners, and since we can’t get enough of Matt from the previous episodes, Matt is back to give us more knowledge, this time paying particular attention to restarting your business from scratch. This is a good one because this question […]

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Setting Your Fitness Business Website Up For Maximum Leads – Matt Murphy

FBA Podcast - Matt Murphy -19

  As the saying goes, “No man is an island” and nowhere is that more true than in business. Today you are going to be listening to one of the most reliable business partners one can have, Matt has been a personal trainer for 17 years. A few years back when we met, he was […]

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How I Built My Bootcamp Business By Using Daily Deal Sites – Leon Melincenko

FBA Podcast - Leon Melincenko - 18

  Seven years ago, Leon started a bootcamp called Summer Fitness Team Training. Big shift occurred when he started to enjoy creating the workout  more than doing it. He sold his bootcamp and moved to Spain to achieve his goal — to productize his knowledge online. Leon is now the owner of Unique Bootcamp Workouts, […]

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How Being Authentic Will Captivate and Charm Your Ideal Customers and Grow Your Fitness Business – Ollie Matthews

FBA Podcast - Ollie Matthews -17

When he lost his father at a young age, it turned his life around in a very unhealthy way — binging on comforting food. He also became a victim of bullying. These struggles became his catalyst and motivation to prevent people to go through the same brawl he fought hard to overcome. Fitness coach and […]

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Using High Ticket Offers To Attract New Gym Members – Jay Kane

FBA Podcast - Jay Kane -16

Jay is from Dublin, Ireland. He is best known as the Head Coach of Impact Strength and Performance (ISP). They have gyms in UK. They have an academy where they train fitness instructors and personal trainers. He has been in this business since 2011 and over the last few years, they have helped personal trainers […]

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