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Business Lessons Learned from Launching Several Gyms – Miles Halstead

FBA Podcast - Miles Halstead -15

Miles Halstead is a Director / Co Owner of Raise The Bar and brainchild of Reach Elite Performance Coaching. Miles has 20 years experience in the Fitness industry, starting in 1997 at a small independent gym, helping Bodybuilders with pre contest preparation. Miles now specialises in executive coaching helping business owners gain more clarity, more […]

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My Formula for Realising Your Limitless Potential – Phil Graham

FBA Podcast - Phil Graham -14

Not only is he the bestselling author of The Diabetic Muscle & Fitness Guide, Phil Graham is also a fitness educator who runs a massive fitness community for people with diabetes. He was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 16 and from then on, he committed to developing his knowledge of health, fitness, and […]

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How I Bounced Back From Fitness Business Failure To Massive Success – Justin Devonshire

FBA Podcast - Justin Devonshire -13

Justin Devonshire is a classic example of what an entrepreneur is. He started out working in gyms where he felt underappreciated, overworked, and underpaid. With this humble beginning and skillset, he decided to go out and do things on his own. He built several kinds of businesses, destroyed them, and rebuilt them again. 8 years […]

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The Secret Sauce to Overcoming Hurdles in Your Fitness Studio Marketing – Rahz Slaughter

FBA Podcast - Rahz Slaughter -12

As well as being a full-time dad and husband, Rahz owns multiple fitness studios, he is an author, a speaker and an entrepreneur. For the last 18 years, he has been helping people create a better version of themselves by using fitness and the power of mindset. Today, he is creating impact in the fitness […]

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Understanding The Buyer’s Journey in Your Fitness Business – Tim Green

FBA Podcast - Tim Green - 11

Tim Green is from TeamUp, a professional management software which gives the best way for fitness businesses to manage memberships, payments, and class schedules. Given that running a business is challenge enough, that challenge is doubled if not trebled, when it comes to delivering your services, keeping track of expenses, keeping track of client plans, […]

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How To Launch a Health and Fitness Brand With Zero Ad Spend – Ryan Lee

FBA Podcast - Ryan Lee -10

Ryan Lee became well-known internationally in the fitness industry through a website he owned for years —, The site is now owned by Michael Boyle. Before he discovered his success in the digital market, he was doing fine locally training clients and working with Yale’s college football team. He was doing well and then […]

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How Adding Value can Attract New Clients To Your Fitness – Mike Samuels

FBA Podcast - Mike Samuels -09

Mike is a former fitness pro turned copywriter. He specializes in writing e-mail copy, sales letters and video scripts. He is also a firm believer in building a bond with his audience rather than using cliché closing tactics. Today, Mike’s copy has generated over 53 million for clients and he is currently a copy coach […]

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Facebook Ads for Fitness Businesses – Emma Van Heusen

FBA Podcast - Emma Van Heusen -08

Emma Van Heusen is a Facebook Ads expert. She runs an agency that predominantly specializes in health, fitness, physical therapy, and e-commerce businesses using two different funnels where the fitness funnel is more focused on lead generation while e-commerce is focused on generating sales from the ads.   She was mentored by the Facebook Global […]

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Discovering Your Path To Success In The Fitness Industry – Jon Goodman

FBA Podcast - Jon Goodman -07

Jon Goodman is one of the legends in the fitness industry. He runs the personal trainer development center and is the owner of He is also the author of the book, Ignite the Fire, a book which he wrote when he was 24 years olds, and it became the most reviewed book on personal […]

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How To Be Unstoppable in Business and in Life – Paul Mort

FBA Podcast - Paul Mort -06

In 2000, Paul Mort trained to be a Physical Therapist. From 2001 up until 2008, he worked in a massive number of gyms and took courses. Two years later, he started his own bootcamp and exploded it to 4 countries with 19 different locations. In the same year, he also mentored different trainers and won […]

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