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Using Email Marketing to Build Know Like & Trust in Your Fitness Business – Shari Friedman

FBA Podcast - Shari Friedman -05

Shari is both a marketing expert and a fitness professional. She has been working with a number of online fitness entrepreneurs. She worked for them as a freelance email copywriter, copy editor, marketing assistant among a host of other business building activities. Her client list include Elliott Hulse, Coach Scott Abel, Vince DelMonte and Clinical […]

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How To Build The Long-term Fitness Business That You Want – Pat Rigsby

FBA Podcast - Pat Rigsby -04

Pat helps fitness entrepreneurs build their idea of a business. He has been working in the entrepreneurial world for about 15 years, owning about 30 businesses now in the fitness industry. He was once a college baseball coach, focused on recruiting and marketing. Two of those 30 businesses Athletic Revolution and Fitness Revolution, have been […]

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5 Simple Strategies for Growing Your Fitness Business Using Instagram – Yvonne Radley

FBA Podcast - Yvonne Radley -01

Yvonne is a coach and the founder of Action Boot Camp, which used to be known as the largest boot camp in the UK and at one point ran at nine different locations at one time. Yvonne has been around the fitness industry since 2010. In 2012, together with her ex-partner, they won “New Entrepreneurs […]

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How To “Lift the Bar” on Your Fitness Business Marketing – Chris Burgess

FBA Podcast - Chris Burgess -02

Chris Burgess is a certified personal trainer. He is the owner of Lift The Bar, a company that aims to help increase the awareness and appreciation of Personal Training as a profession. His company has 2 main goals, One of which is to offer a personal trainer education program with short online mini courses, in […]

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Business Lessons from a Fitness Copywriter – Joey Percia

FBA Podcast - Joey Percia -03

Joey is one of the exceptional copywriters who does personality-based sales copy mostly for health/fitness businesses. He is the author of the book, “Why Do You Hate Money?”. His book is a Fitness Marketing Guide to creating good content, crafting copy that converts, and mastering the science of selling without selling out. Before he jumped […]

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Intro Episode

Fitness Business Authority Podcast will be hosted by Liam Thompson giving you access to leading fitness industry experts, helping you reach and influence more people, so you can grow your memberships faster. Fitness Business Authority Podcast   

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