Using Facebook and Instagram Ads To Grow Your Gym or Studio - Liam Thompson & Matt Murphy - Fitness Business Authority
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Using Facebook and Instagram Ads To Grow Your Gym or Studio – Liam Thompson & Matt Murphy

On this episode of the ‘Fitness Business Authority Podcast’, Liam & Matt discuss the importance of using Facebook and Instagram ads to grow your fitness business.

With their expertise in helping fitness professionals market their businesses, they reveal the huge benefits of using online ads, and even though the price is increasing, the reason why they are still the most cost efficient way to promote your gym or studio to get more members.

What You Will Learn In This Episode

  • How boutique gyms and studios can grow and scale their business predictably using Facebook ads
  • Discover the most cost efficient way of marketing your fitness business without wasting money on ads
  • The 5 vital components of every successful fitness business Facebook ad
  • The impact Facebook ads can have at generating leads and boosting gym memberships
  • Learn common mistakes you must avoid when creating ads for your fitness business.

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About the Author Liam Thompson

Liam Thompson is an online marketing consultant for businesses helping them attract more clients though their websites and online media. He has been a coach in the fitness industry for the last 5 years because of his deep passion for helping people achieve their goals in life. In fact he helped hundreds of people lose weight and get healthy and change their lives and to date we have helped over 50 personal trainers build their fitness businesses online. Liam has been a speaker at the biggest Fitness Marketing seminar in the UK, worked on joint ventures with top internet marketing experts and helped some of the Biggest Names in the Fitness Industry with the online part of their businesses. Originally from Ballymena in Northern Ireland Liam now lives in Wilmslow, Cheshire with his wife and son and spends his spare time keeping fit and playing football. Liam is also an avid supporter of Everton Football Club.

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